PrintHave you ever wondered about the meaning behind your favorite song on “These Wheels” — our new CD?

Well, here’s a little bit about each song, just for you.



These Wheels is a Rock tune with a nice groove that paints a picture of what the different roads we travel in life often look like, and what it means to keep going, and our wheels turning in the right direction no matter what condition the road is in. The band took a simple idea I brought and turned it into a mood that delivers the message real nice.

I Got Friends is my story about how I view true friends old and new, and the kind of friend I try to be. A real deal, tell it like it is tune that draws heavily from my Southern Rock influences. The band really nails this one and proves that they’re able to deliver the goods for those who like the heavier side of me.

Little Bit O Country is a song that sums up my Jekyll and Hyde, Country and Rock influence as a kid. A growing up but not old Rocker that exposes my Country side just the way I like it. The band really smashes together the two genres well, and the Steel Guitar rocks!

Passenger was originally off my debut release. Although out of print, copies of the song were being requested so we figured why not just add it to the collection? A little different than my usual but very sincere. I really enjoyed playing slide and lead guitar on this one and the message clear for a guy that struggles to be all he can and needs to be regardless of mistakes and the wrong turns we all take sometimes. The band really felt this one and it’s clear.

Dancin Shoes really shows the foot stomping Rocker in me. The Sax, Slide, Honky Tonk Piano, B3 and the raw groove of this tune have always been the voices I heard in my head, and the story plain and simple! The band in good ol Rock and Roll glory, as well as my lead and slide work.

Her Picture was another song off my out-of-print debut that has been constantly requested. One of my more poppy songs, it was written around the opening chord strumming melody. It’s a real happy feel that was inspired by a girl I went to college with after she told me her plans for her future. I’ve always felt the band captures this side of me quite well.

Good to be Alive is a song where I tried to describe emotions we all know too well, and my realization that it’s good to have like minded family and friends to break bread with, raise a glass with, lean on and be there for, cuz life is short and before you know it they’re/we’re gone. The band really delivers and sets the mood and feel excellently.

Two Hearts tells the story of my life as a musician, but can easy be translated to suit everyone who endures a career choice that limits and at times stresses relationships. Regardless, it relates a beautiful story that demonstrates what Love can endure, as well as restore. The band’s dynamics are on point.

Searching for Simple is a very popular track off my debut that was written during a very difficult time in my life. One of my most popular songs and one that you can clearly hear my reliance on, and thankfulness for: my faith, my God, and my Savior. One of my best guitar solos I remember having, and one of the most passionate moments recording. The band really saw this one through for me.

Searching for Simple (Acoustic) came from the early stage of the session that my producer thought captured a certain sincerity which people might appreciate. The sterl was later removed, but again the song really speaks my heart.

Keep it Real is a song that started with a pedal steel melody I had in my head, and the chorus lyrics something a longtime friend said to me after many years had passed and saw me one night at a show. It’s kinda my story in a way, with a spin to make ya think a bit about who you are just the same. The band really shines with a country pop feel that just felt right.

In America is a song that shares exactly what I feel for my Country! Regardless of our flaws, our diversity etc… How I was raised, what I believe, how it should, how it’s gonna and will always be to me. My Rocky edge comes through with a hook that gets my point across. The band’s agression is awesome and the B3 screams!

Make Time is a song where I really try to share my views and experiences on life, love, and making the most of our short time here to make the world a better place. A great piano pice and another solo I was very pleased with. The band really delivers this one with the conviction I was hoping for.

Letters and Prayers was previously released on a limited edition Souls EP that sold out and pays tribute to and tells the story of one of our military just as it was so graciously shared with me. The Souls really captured the sentimental feel and the sincerity I was after and the song deserved. My son’s piano part compliments it beautifully and I’m thankful it has been so well received. By popular request, the decision was made to include it with this collection.

Same ol Dream is my unfiltered story and opinion on how I was raised and what I stand for in pursuit of my own American Dream. Originally released on the limited edition Souls EP,  it was questioned by management as to whether or not to release it because of it’s truthful and blunt point of view. I won the argument and it’s been a favorite among many like-minded Americans.

With Every New Day “I Believe” Released in 2010, this song was inspired by my dear friend Adam Recke, who’s fight against Childhood Alzheimer’s is as admirable as he is beautiful! I donated 100% of all online sales to The a Race for Adam Foundation and it became my first song to break into the top 30 in the country. All for a great cause and an amazing young man!

Killin Time is just me and my Gibson Hummingbird in my studio at 9:00 in the morning on a Sunday after a 4 day stretch of shows. Inspiration comes when it wants to and I had to capture the feel so I didn’t forget it. Really what it sounds like if ya woke up next to, or in the same room with me when I wake and play. My producer felt it had a nice feel and would give listeners a taste of what it’s like to listen to just me and my guitar. I didn’t agree and wanted to run another pass (or 5) on it, and add this and that, but I lost that one.


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