“Whether it’s just me with my acoustic guitar, or together with my entire band of brothers, BulletHole MusikFestReview PNGthe purpose and goals are always the same. That is to provide a show that truly offers something for everyone. A show that is not only worthy of, but commands everyone’s attention. From the quality of the musicianship and the uniqueness of the bands, to the music and the messages. It’s all about making people feel like they are seeing and hearing something BulletHole StrangeBrew PNGspecial. To move folks in such a way that they experience something more, in addition to just another night out having a good time with friends over a few drinks and a live band. It warms our hearts to know that’s exactly the feedback we continually receive. As a songwriter it means the world to me when people make that connection with the music and each one of us. We’re very grateful for the opportunities we are given, and I believe the comments and compliments we continually get bear honest witness to what you receive when we BulletHole ErasedBackground GDLVMA PNG2show up to play.” — Scott Marshall







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