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“I’m humbled and thankful for the folks of The Greater Lehigh Valley Music Awards, and for the fans and peers who are responsible for our popularity and success in all regards.

This area has so many fantastic musicians that make up the scene, and to be recognized, included and share it among11057762_10202776310407293_4066677401987110923_n them is very humbling.

Nearly 40 nominations and a dozen awards in 4 years is something to be proud of, but the truth is, whether our names were on the ballots or not never really made a difference where our reasons for writing and performing were concerned. Sure it’s good for business, it’s nice to be recognized for what you do, and we’ve always been appreciative for what The GLVMA continually tries to do. Even when they had no idea who I was, it was cool to see folks trying to bring attention to the scene we were trying to break on to. Now our star is shinin a lil brighter and higher up in the sky these days, but it doesn’t change the fact that I write and perform for reasons far greater than winning any award.

Self promotion in this business can be a tough thing sometimes, but we press on towards our goals and try our very best to remain true to what we do, why we do it and who and for who we do it.” — Scott Marshall


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2014 Awards (Ceremony held March 8, 2015):

20-Year Veteran Award – hear Scott’s Acceptance Speech on YouTube.

Outstanding Album 2014 – Fan Vote: “These Wheels”

Outstanding Original Song 2014 – Fan Vote: “These Wheels”

Outstanding County Band 2014 – Industry Vote

Outstanding Americana Band 2014 – Industry Vote

Outstanding Singer/Songwriter 2014 – Industry Vote


Best Original Song 2013 – Scott Marshall “Letters and Prayers”

Special Recognition Award 2013 – Scott Marshall

Best Live Americana Performance 2012 – Scott Marshall & The Hillbilly Souls

Best Live Country Band Performance 2012 – Scott Marshall & Marshall’s Highway

Best Singer/Songwriter 2011 – Scott Marshall

Best Original Song 2011 – Scott Marshall “With Every New Day I Believe”

Best Lyricist 2011 – Scott Marshallimage

Entertainer of the Year 2011 – Scott Marshall

Best Punkabilly/Rockabilly 2011 – Scott Marshall & The Hillbilly SoulsLVMA Dec 2011 c

Best Bluegrass  2010 – Scott Marshall & The Hillbilly Souls

Best Punkabilly  2010 – Scott Marshall & The Hillbilly Souls

Best Rockabilly 2010 – Scott Marshall & The Hillbilly Souls