Scott Marshall & Marshall’s Highway – a 5-10 piece act that’s heavier in style, potency, and nature. Driving beats and electric guitars dominate, yet the band’s versatility is evident in their ballads and the mix of genres they present. The Rock/Country collision takes place here, but there’s no bloodshed. It’s a crash everyone seems to enjoy!

“For me, a full Marshalls Highway is the ultimate experience because I’m able to tap into any one of the genres I love without compromise. All the guys are influenced by and familiar with all of them, so they’re  able to adapt and deliver the goods at full speed. Since some of the guys play with The Hillbilly Souls, at any moment, I can put on an acoustic and go there as well. Things really come alive when Pedal Steel, Piano and Saxophone appear. We really pull off a Rebel Rock, Outlaw Country, Blues and Bluegrass show and people seem to enjoy it as much as I/we do. All our influences in one Rock and Country fried Roll show with a lil’ Grass and Blues as the side dishes of honest to goodness.” — Scott Marshall
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Scott Marshall & The Hillbilly Souls – a 3-6 piece acoustic act with a strong Appalachian feel. Instead of a collision, this is more of a Bluegrass/County hayride  with a couple wild horses pullin’ the wagon.

“The Hillbilly Souls are a blast to play  with! 90% of my songs are written on the acoustic, so this is usually the lineup that hears most of  the new ideas first. Again, The Souls are an acoustic act that was essentially assembled to accommodate smaller rooms. I really had no idea that the act would become as popular as it is. The playlist for the most part is the same as The Highway, but with more of a stripped, back porch Appalachia sound and feel. Folks really get a kick out of the upright bass, the dobro, the mandolin, the banjo, and the boy on the box, as seeing such a lineup becomes as appealing as it is entertaining. It’s as American roots authentic as it gets.” — Scott Marshall