Award-winning singer, songwriter, and recording artist Scott Marshall hails from the Appalachian hills of eastern Pennsylvania. From his earliest memories, music was the center of Scott’s life. Influenced by numerous genres: County, Bluegrass, Blues, Rock, and Gospel, Scott Marshall has developed a style that is as much his own as it is all American. It doesn’t matter what label you try to put on it, the bottom line is that it’s  hand-forged, heart-filled, music with a little something for everyone.

image23-450x600Scott’s musical influences have always surpassed his years, and music would continue to play a major part in the life he had yet to live, as it was his truest companion and most assured sanctuary.

Through the years both good and bad,  an acoustic guitar and an infectious personality, he eventually found his way off the fast lane of destruction, finding himself refined and defined, back on redemption road with a motor that’s been tweaked and tuned to perform according to his time tested faith, regardless of any flaws, the times which we live and the direction he’s choosing to travel.
Whether your journey is on what’s barely a path, a tough road, or a smooth stretch of highway, his music paints many pictures and tells vivid stories of the many experiences we all face, while showing value, meaning and purpose. As you listen closely with an open heart, be set free knowing there’s everything to be thankful for, a melody or lyric to call your own, and in your search for simple, you too can find peace of mind.
In all things, always…